About Us

ChemoThermia Oncology Center was founded by medical oncologists Professor Bulent Berkarda M.D. and Assistant Professor Mehmet Salih Iyikesici M.D. in 2011.

We are one of the world’s leading cancer treatment clinics employing innovative treatment protocols and are the only clinic that integrates the genetic approach to treating cancer with the metabolic approach to cancer treatment.

The term ChemoThermia comes from combining the words chemotherapy and hyperthermia. Here chemotherapy means the chemotherapy in oncology and hyperthermia means the treatment applied by increasing the body temperature to 40 degrees. At our center, chemotherapy and hyperthermia are being applied jointly and separately.
We are an outpatient clinic specializing in the treatment of the entire range of cancers and apply many different innovative treatment modalities with the aim of curing the illness.

Our treatment protocols embody the highest level of conventional therapies combined with therapeutics targeting the metabolic dysregulation that is the basis of cancer.

We use every potential science-based strategy to improve your treatment results while strengthening your body with the goal of eradicating the cancer with which you have been diagnosed. Subsequently, we work with you to build your body and its defenses to help you protect against cancer reoccurring in the future.

In order to best serve our patients, we combine the highest level of conventional cancer treatments with science-based integrative therapies including:
• Metabolically Supported Chemotherapy (MSCT)
• Hyperthermia (Local and Whole Body)
• Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
• Special Infusion Treatments
• PhytoPharmaceutical Supplements
• Oncological Diet

At our clinic, we not only integrate the above methods with conventional protocols, but we also try to integrate you, your mind and spirit into the healing process, too.