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Associate Professor Mehmet Salih İyikesici, a dedicated and visionary medical oncologist, has committed his career to advancing the field of cancer care and bringing hope to patients facing this formidable adversary. His journey into oncology was inspired by a deep passion for making a difference in the lives of those touched by cancer.

After completing his medical training at Uludag University, School of Medicine in Bursa, Assoc. Prof. İyikesici completed his Internal Medicine residency at Haydarpasa State Hospital and he then pursued a specialization in medical oncology at Marmara University, School of Medicine, seeking the highest levels of expertise in the fight against cancer. He also founded the Medical Oncology Department at Diyarbakır State Hospital and undertook advanced training in hyperthermia at centers in Germany and Switzerland, immersing himself in the latest breakthroughs in oncological research and treatment.

Assoc. Prof. İyikesici’s patient-centric approach is marked by empathy and innovation. He has been a tireless advocate for integrating cutting-edge research into clinical practice, ensuring that his patients have access to the most advanced and effective cancer therapies available.

As a prolific researcher, Assoc. Prof. İyikesici has made significant contributions to the field of medical oncology together with Prof. Berkarda and Dr. Slocum, publishing groundbreaking studies that have advanced our understanding of cancer and its treatments.

Assoc. Prof. İyikesici’s career is defined by his unwavering commitment to improving the lives of cancer patients. He stands as a beacon of hope, ushering in a new era of compassionate, research-driven cancer care, and saving countless lives along the way.