Special Infusion Treatments

Special infusion treatments are a large part of our treatment protocols, and we apply many different natural active substances in IV form. Besides applying substances known for their exceptional anti-cancer properties, we also apply agents that support your general well being and increase your quality of life.

Special Infusion Treatments are complementary to our own modified and improved method of Insulin Potentiated Chemotherapy (IPT) which we call Metabolically Supported Chemotherapy (MSCT).

Our goals in employing Special Infusion Treatments are to treat the metabolic dysregulation that has caused the cancer, to support the immune system to form an effective anti-tumor immune response, and to increase the effectiveness of the chemotherapeutic agents. We also aim to improve the general well-being of our patients.

Our main special infusion treatments are as below:

• High Dose Vitamin C
• Cesium
• Selenium
• Mistletoe
• Curcumin
• Amygdalin (Laetrile – Vitamin B17)
• Anti-Glycolytic Treatment