Hyperthermia is one of the oldest cancer treatments. It is based on the principle of treating cancer by increasing body temperature.

Whereas old methods of heating the body were not very effective, modern electromagnetic heating methods have improved substantially in heating the whole body or in the controlled heating of only a part of it. Thus, it has now become a recognized method of therapy in oncology. During hyperthermia, cancerous cells receiving selective heating energy are being destroyed without significant side effects.

While hyperthermia on one hand has a stopping and an apoptotic (programmed cell death) effect on cancer cells, at the same time it has stimulating and strengthening effects on the other cells of the body.

Hyperthermia can be used in cancer treatment alone, and it can be used in conjunction with other treatment methods – radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and surgery. When combined with radiotherapy, research shows hyperthermia has a complementary and additive effect. Extensive research shows that hyperthermia also improves the efficacy of many chemotherapeutic agents. Also besides the increased effectiveness of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, hyperthermia supports the immune system in forming an effective anti-tumor immune response.

In short, hyperthermia has many anti-cancer effects and improves treatment results. At our clinic, we apply local, regional and/or whole body hyperthermia according to the clinical condition.

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