Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBO2T) involves administration of oxygen at elevated pressure (greater than sea level, or 1 ATA). HBO2T increases plasma oxygen saturation which facilitates oxygen delivery to the tissue independent of hemoglobin O2 saturation.

The benefit of using HBO2T to combat the cancer-promoting effects of tumor hypoxia is clear. Cancer thrives in hypoxic or low-oxygen environments and HBO2T has been shown to increase these oxygen levels to weaken tumors and reduce their aggressiveness. So, HBO2T is a metabolic intervention targeting the metabolic dysregulation of cancer cells.

HBO2T has been shown to inhibit tumor growth, reduce tumor blood vessel density, and induce the preferential expression of anti-cancer genes.

Radiotherapy and many chemotherapy drugs work by producing free radicals within the tumors, leading to cell death. HBO2T enhances tumor-cell production of reactive oxygen species which contributes to the synergistic effects of HBO2T as an adjuvant treatment to standard care. HBO2T enhances the efficacy of both radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

There is also extensive research about HBO2T supporting cellular energy processes, increasing quality of life of patients and reducing radiotherapy and chemotherapy related side effects.

hyperbaric chamber